Tom Ivers: Thoroughbred Racing Science 1

Published on May 31, 2024

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Tom Ivers (1944-2005)
This video is one in a series, made in the 1980s and 90s, covering the science of equine interval training. Tom Ivers pioneered this training method for the horse racing industry, adopting the fundamentals from widely used human athletic interval training techniques and applying it to the equine athlete with all nuances considered. He wrote 9 books, conducted countless lectures and seminars and consulted privately with owners and trainers the world over. Tom also maintained a web-based discussion group called “Horsescience” with thousands of participants.

These videos were created and edited by Tom in a time before widescreen, before high definition and before computer-based editing tools. While the visual quality may suffer by today’s standards, the content is forever pertinent. Tom’s wife, Edie, decided in 2020 to release these videos for public consumption before they were lost to time and change. Thank you, Edie. – Bob Ivers (Tom’s younger brother)

“Among the many horses that excelled with interval training was the European runner Stanerra, who won two group stakes at the 1983 Royal Ascot meeting in England and won the Japan Cup later that year.” — (Bloodhorse Magazine, 11/16/2005)

“This genius of a man on horses has been such an influence on all good horsemen and women.
He is so missed.
His books on interval training are a must.” — Philip O’Connor,, 2019

Tom Ivers: Thoroughbred Racing Science 1

Tom Ivers: Thoroughbred Racing Science 1.

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Tom Ivers: Thoroughbred Racing Science 1
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