The Making of A Thoroughbred

Published on May 5, 2023

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To Set Before A Queen (2012): Australia’s Black Caviar took on Europe’s best at Royal Ascot this weekend, resulting in her 22nd consecutive win. This report tells the fascinating inside story of the making of an unbeatable champion.

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A story stretching back for generations, it’s the horse’s breeder, Rick Jamieson, who has ultimately cultivated a world champion thoroughbred. “This is the dream of every breeder who ever conjured together the bloodlines and produced a foal.” But Black Caviar’s success isn’t simply down to genetics: it has involved a lot of money, a lot of expertise and years of dedication.”Black Caviar is one in a million”. But how long can her winning streak continue?

ABC Australia – Ref. 5557

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The Making of A Thoroughbred

The Making of A Thoroughbred.

The Making of A Thoroughbred, Explore trending recommendations and posts relevant with and Thoroughbred Horse Breeds, reviews.

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The Making of A Thoroughbred
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